Amit is a Stop Frame Animator.
Born on 29th may 1987 in Mumbai (India)
From his school days, his love towards playing with inanimate objects and giving them life,dragged him to become a professional Animator. After completing his +12 (hsc), he joined “ZEE INSTITUTE OF CREATIVE ART” and got trained in Classical Animation for 3yrs. By the time he was fond to the STOP MOTION Medium. Amit himself learned all the technique of STOP MOTION ANIMATION and applied in his works.
Among his works he made a DOCOMO Logo Dancing sequence.
Inspired by DR. KUMAR VISWAS’s Poem, he made another sequence “Koi Deewana Kehta Hai”.
Also worked for ADAM’S APPLE ENTERTAINMENT  as an Animator and Director for a 30min short film.
The film took almost 1yr to complete.

Recently he is working as a Mentor of Stop Motion Animation in ARENA ANIMATION CHOWRINGHEE (KOLKATA).

During his Mentoring Period he made short sequence “RE-ACTION”.
Under his guidance many other student’s film in Stop Motion are in progress.